For many seasons the Mice of the Forest Of ‘Eth have lived in harmony with nature...

When that changes, the Mice-At-Arms will be ready to defend their homes!



The Shadowed Hole

Mice of The Shadowed Hole live mostly underground, avoiding the harsh beating sun. They come out at night and have a reputation for being silent hunters.


Brooktona Hollow

The fort of Brooktona Hollow is one of the oldest in the Forest of Eth. Legends say that deep in the cellars lay the bones of the first slain Owls. 


Gravery Hollows

Despite its dark name, Gravery Hollows is the home of a huge beehive. The mice of Gravery Hollows keep the bees and provide most of the Forest of ‘Eth with its honey. 


Aegremonth Keep

One of the ancient Owl Lookout Points, the Mice of Aegremonth Keep still hold to the old ways. It holds the Great Library - a place where the collective knowledge of all mouse-kind sits.


Beverstone Fort

Beverstone Fort is a bridge that connects North ‘Eth to South ‘Eth. It is the main thoroughfare that mice travel on, doubling up as a bustling trading outpost.


Howlester Hold

Howlester Hold sits on the borders of The Wilds of Bungodhere - and is used as a barracks for the Baduu - great warrior mice of the Sandy Plains. The tree of Howlester Hold is rotten and hollow - creating a great howling sound as the wind passes through it. The Baduu call this ‘the breath of ‘Eth’.


North 'Eth

The Great Tree Of North ‘Eth (or just North ‘Eth as it's more commonly known), is the sister city to Aegremonth Keep. Noblemice and the King's Guard all come from North ‘Eth, which is also home to ‘The Silo’ - a huge grain silo that many mice contribute to, ensuring that when the winter comes, no mouse will ever go hungry. 


Hissing Grasslands

Locusts and other various insects inhabit the Hissing Grasslands - with many mice using it as a fertile hunting ground. Mice that are born in the Hissing Grasslands see themselves as guardians of the grass. 



The Swamplands are where most of the frog leather in ‘Eth comes from. Great artisans and armorers work in the Swamplands - although their ways are often seen as strange to outsiders.


Free Tree

Free Tree is an unassuming tree in the Forest of ‘Eth - but it is a place of great reverence for all mice. Free Tree is where the first mice came together to rid the Forest of all Owls. Any mouse who has no home will always be welcome in Free Tree.


Neebrook Meadow

Neebrook Meadow is the largest citytree in the Forest of ‘Eth. Thousands of mice live in the branches and roots of the Neebrook tree, which overlooks the vast meadows. 


Sandy Plains

The great warrior mice called The Baduu live in the Sandy Plains. Mysterious to outsiders, it’s rare to see a sand mouse outside of the plains.


The Wharf Of Downtree

Many swashbucklers and other seamice have moored their ships at the Wharf Of Downtree. A hub for those who are seeking their fortunes - or just those who are looking to gamble away some honey and grain. 



Rootford is a small farming village full of mice who are just looking for a simple life. 


Halihill Landing

Originally, Halihill was home to the Owls Of ‘Eth - before the great scouring. It’s mostly empty - but some mice have made a home in its stone halls.


Proberry Harbor

Proberry Harbor is usually the last port of call for mice who are leaving the Forest of ‘Eth. It is home to those mice who are trying to find great fortune in the open world - and those who are trying to run from their troubles. 


Wilds of Bungodhere

Ladybugs, jumping spiders, and other beetles are trapped in the Wilds of Bungodhere. It is a right of passage for most mice to spend time in the wilds - living off the land. Many that enter the Wilds choose to never leave - making it home to the most diverse group of mice in the entire of ‘Eth.


The Black Garden

The Black Garden used to be a monstrous briar patch - full of thorn and thistle. Luckily over time, the garden has become green and lush - but the name stuck. 

Many weaponsmiths pride themselves in using stone and metal from the Black Garden - calling themselves ‘blackpaws’.


Shady Pond

The Twin Ponds of Shady Pond and Frothy Pond is home to barracks where boatsmice train for a life on the open water. Shady Pond is famous for its whiskey, which is brewed in the husks of beetles. 


Frothy Pond

Frothy Pond is also well known for its beer brewing mice, who make a strong grog and beer mix, called ‘Old Mouse Tail’.